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Portuguese quality


The origin of the Emporio word comes from Greek, Emporion, which means square trade. On this basis and breaking the barriers of space, He was born the brand that aims to make known the quality of Portuguese products to the world.

Find top quality olive oil and other Portuguese origin products in our catalog.

high quality meat frozen, fish and shellfish selected and carefully prepared.

We provide meat, Portuguese fish and meats selected source of.

Find in our catalog effective cleaners for dishwashers, treatment clothing and general cleanliness.

Discover the best sparkling, traditional drinks, port wine and other spirits.

We provide various personal hygiene and beauty products to facilitate their day-to-day.




Among the main attractions of Portugal, The culture include, the gastronomy, wines, the beaches, the story, the variety of landscapes, and especially, the tradition of the Portuguese people. Beyond this, Portugal has excellent soil and climate conditions that when exploited culminate in unparalleled quality products.

Portuguese products


There are a lot of quality in the Portuguese production and already there is this recognition by the foreign market. We seek to strengthen this position through the distribution of products Made in Portugal of higher quality and with a new concept that values ​​tradition. Visit our online catalog and know the products we have for you.


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Quality and variety of products. Friendliness and good humor. I recommend to everyone.

Juliana Dias

excellence; professionalism; empathy. Thanks for existing! Hug heartfelt thanks and friendship!

Jorge Cortez

Very helpful in service and care the best. It has wide range of high quality products.

Nuno Silva